6 February 2014
For the third year running the CTEMF Open End will be taking place during the week leading up to the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, from the 4th to the 6th of February 2014.
Here are the details for Day 3 which will be held at Guga S'Thebe in Langa in colaboration with Bridges for Music with the aim of spreading the culture of electronic music in underprivileged areas and create a cultural exchange. Be ready for an inspiring afternoon in Langa. 
15:00 Opening Address by Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport
15:05 Bridges for Music Address by Valentino Barrioseta
15: 15 Behind the Scene
Ishsha Bourguet (Echo Location Talent), Lee-Roy David (Steady Life), Heather Mennell (DJ Mag SA)
Taking a look and dissecting the roles of managers, booking-agents and publicists, those responsible for the crucial roles of handling an artist’s career. Ishsha Bourguet has been working full-time for Echo Location Talent, booking agency for the likes of Pendulum, Katy-B and more, Lee-Roy Davids is manager for Cape Town’s prolific emcee, Youngsta, and Heather Mennell has a long history of PR for the likes of Soul Candi artists and currently, while not being editor for DJ Mag SA, manages PR for CTEMF. These three speakers are not only established in their respective careers but have gained on-the-job experience in working in the electronic music industry.
16:45 An Artist’s Journey: Dixon 
Being active in Berlin’s fertile techno and house scene since the early 90s, Dixon has worked with labels such as Sonar Kollektiv, established the groundbreaking Innervisions releasing music by the likes of Âme and Culoe De Song and built up the skill and knowledge that only a DJ and producer with over two decades experience in a city like Berlin can. On top of that, being the vice president of FC Magnet Mitte and owner of a bakery extends his résumé outside of electronic music, and ensures that the story of his journey will be insightful and fascinating.
18:30 From Club To Stadium- On the couch: Noisia
Over the past few years gnarly electro, dubstep and drum n bass played by DJ’s with their hands in the air behind the decks, has in many ways replaced distorted guitar driven rock-n-roll played by long-haired rebels grinding their axes, as the iconic image of rock-stars. Noisia are an act that have surfed the waves of hard bass-music’s world-dominating success from underground, dark, sweaty club music to auditorium-packing anthemia. They will be chatting about their journey and discussing the merits of this meteoric rise.
The Open End Workshops are free and open for all to attend but space is limited so please come early to ensure you get a space.
Guga S'Thebe is located in Washington Street, Langa.(Directions here:http://goo.gl/maps/h6yIR)