10 January 2014
Watch the presentation in the following video: their experiences, the unbelievable reality of South African house music and all the anecdotes and projections of Bridges for Music. 
“I just want to ask if there is any advice you can give me as a young upcoming artist, coming from a place like Langa (Cape Town)...You guys when you spoke, telling us your background, going into clubs...I'm only 15, I can't enter to any club! So what advice do you give me to carry on, to do what I do or not to let anything to distract me and travel all over, like you do....”
The question was asked to Richie Hawtin by a boy from a South African's slum that dreams to become a DJ. He was attending one of the workshops given by the artist as part of Bridges for Music, a non-profit initiative that uses the universality of electronic music to promote development in disadvantaged areas of the world. Hawtin was touched not only by the boy's will but for all what Bridges for Music has reached and revealed since its beginnings.
Therefore, along with Skrillex, Luciano and Valentino Barrioseta, one of the main promoters of Bridges for Music project, took advantage of their presence at Sónar 2013 stages and introduce the project to a room full of fans at Sónar+D.