13 February 2014
Dj Fosta is the most prolific artist coming out of the township of Langa, home of legendary artist Brenda Fassie. Music is the way he expresses himself while entertaining & uniting different cultures to enjoy the language they all understand, Influenced by the deep house sounds that have put South Africa on the International map, Fosta tries to add his own flavour by collaborating with live musicians. He also started a new Project under the name Life Rythms in colaboration with the scotish artist Chris Evelin.
“ My everyday life inspires my production. Using different sounds I create house music and use it to get through to the soul of the audience. I believe music is a driving force for the youth in Langa and Im fully comitted to take Langa to the World” says Fosta.
He founded 021 records to give a platform to local artists from Langa to release their music , showing that no matter where you come from music can bring you a better future. Dj Fosta has also been deeply involved in community projects in his township and has been an important part of non- profit Bridges for Music organization.