26 February 2014
The Unity Jam concert hosted by the Breathe Sunshine Music Conference and Bridges for Music in the township of Langa in Cape Town (South Africa) was one of the most magical moments to date in the short history of this organisation. It was also a landmark event which attracted audiences from all walks of life which is what the Ethos of Bridges for Music is.
Around 1000 people came together in a beautiful community park in the heart of Langa to dance to International German reggae superstar Gentleman´s first performance on the continent. Gentleman had the crowd in frenzy with an energetic, sincere, emotive and electrifying performance which will be remembered for its emotional lyrics and positive messages. Also on the eclectic line up was world music and jazz guitar maestro Jimmy Dludlu, Jeremy Loops, Ifani, Trenton and Free Radical, Diloxclusiv or Dj Fosta, the german showed why he is one of the most influential reggae artists on the planet. Most moving was the impromptu stellar debut of Siphe Fassie, nephew of the legendary Brenda Fassie joining in a jam with Diloxclusiv and Jimmy Dludlu.
Thanks to everyone that came to dance with us and support Langa.