3 January 2019
Meet the Students : Thina Sonya
We had a quick chat with one of our 2018 SAE Institute South Africa scholarship recipients - Thina Sonya!

1. What has been a highlight of the course?

Meeting other foreign individuals who were as aspirant as I, but how we all used each of our individual’s strengths to further mould each other’s ideas throughout the course.

2. How has the course furthered your career as a creative?

Considering that I am more of a creative than anything else, the course has made me much more business orientated. Which is amazing because it has provoked an entrepreneurial spirit within my creative process which may prove lucrative to my future.

3. What was the most important lesson you learnt from the course?

I've learnt that every idea can be turned into an opportunity and be monetised. This might have been the most important lesson or experience learnt for me personally.

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