18 October 2017
Progress on the school construction in Langa
The music and entrepreneurship academy we are building in the township of Langa (South Africa) is close to completion. The structure has been erected and we are starting to work on the interior. We hope to complete this phase of construction by December 15th to make the space fully operational by beginning of 2018. For more information about future courses and scholarships please sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/7UWjU69bkOOJUBQ83
We are excited to see the place coming alive from what it one day was just a dream.
Thanks to everyone that has supported the project along the way and has believed in its mission to reshape the community through music, art and education. Special mention to Resident Advisor and everyone that particiapted in the Cycle to ADE to help us raise the kickstart capital for this project.