29 September 2014

South African promoter behind Rocking the Daisies and Sonar South Africa will raise funds for BFM educational initiatives.

Bridges for Music is pleased to announce an exciting new fundraising partnership with award-winning South African agency Seed Experiences.

Seed Experiences, the promoters behind annual festivals Rocking the Daisies, Vodacom in the City and Sonar Cape Town, has agreed to a 12-month partnership to raise substantial funds through various means, including its newly announced “Charity Complimentary Initiative.”

Seed will now charge complimentary tickets at a percentage of the actual ticket price across a range of ticket types, beginning with upcoming Rocking the Daises and Vodacom in the City events. For example, a complimentary ticket for Vodacom in the City will now be R100, a percentage of the R450 normal ticket price. Following the 12-month period, all figures raised for Bridges for Music will be released in a public case study.

All funds raised will directly support Bridges for Music initiatives, including our current campaign to build a music school in Cape Town’s Langa Township. Supported by Resident Advisor’s #cycle2ade campaign, we have nearly raised half of our £100,000 goal with nearly £46,000 donated to date. The school will become the centerpiece of our multifaceted educational program that already includes a scholarship program with SAE Institute and the launch of an annual one-year Higher Certificate in Sound Production scholarship in partnership with the Black Coffee Foundation.

“As a responsible promoter it is impossible to ignore the importance of developing the future potential of the South African music scene,” says Brian Little, Seed Experiences’ Managing Director.

“Partnering with Seed Experiences is an exciting next step in our evolution and it is encouraging to see such a well-established and respected promoter making a real tangible commitment to making a difference to disadvantaged communities through music,” says Trenton Birch, Bridges for Music’s Africa Director.

Brian adds: “We are very excited about this initiative. While we will be rolling out further fund-raising initiatives that will include donations, sponsor campaigns and workshops, what this does is educate the wider music community and involve them in the process of upliftment and education through music. The people who generally receive comps to our music events are fans and people who can afford to pay the full ticket price. So paying a small amount, knowing that it is contributing to this great cause, which is directly related to music and growing the industry in South Africa, should be met with enthusiasm.”

For more information on Seed Experiences please visit: weareseed.co.za/