Consulting date October 2013
15 October 2013
As part of BRIDGES FOR MUSIC partnership with ADE and having inspired one of the central themes for this year's program, it is with great poignancy that Bridges for Music's discussion panel   Focus On South Africa will be one of the opening events at this year's conference.
Respected producer Black Coffee, Cadenza founder Luciano and Bridges for Music ambassador Sir Vincent Manzini will all participate in a panel discussion hosted by Bridges For Music co-founder and director Valentino Barrioseta which will take place on Wednesday 16th October at 5pm. Following the panel discussion, Bridges For Music will be teaming up with leading broadcasters Boiler Room to host a very special take-over showcasing South African talent. Featuring sets from Luciano, Black Coffee, Mirko Loko, Jullian Gomez and Diloxclusiv vs Sir Vincent. Bridges For Music Boiler Room takeover will be broadcast between 8pm - 11pm on this
Thursday 17th October will see a panel titled "Meet The South Africans" hosted by the Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference and Black Mango Music founder Trenton Birch. Trenton has a leading role in representing Bridges For Music in South Africa, and played a key part in facilitating the connection between ADE director Richard Zijlama and Breathe Sunshine African Music conference, which hosted him in Cape Town and went onto influence the South African representation at this years conference. 
Bridges for Music has sponsored 2 artists and entrepreneurs from the townships of Cape Town to attend this year's conference and participate in the panel, Diloxclusiv and Sir Vincent. The funds come from donations by the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, after the Bridges For Music ambassador, Richie Hawtin's show earlier this year. They will be joined by Bridges For Music director Valentino Barrioseta and Black Coffee to shine a spotlight on this vibrant scene with a particular focus on the recent explosion of house music. 
October 16th. 17:00 - 18:00
Felix Meritis (F5 Panel Room) | Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam 
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October 17th. 15:00 - 16:15
Felix Meritis (F9 Panel Room) | Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam
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October 17th. 16:30 - 17:30
Felix Meritis (F10 One on One Room) | Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam
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Black Coffee
Mirko Loko
Jullian Gomez
Diloxclusiv vs Sir Vincent 
8pm - 11pm 
6 October 2013
After the workshops with Richie Hawtin, Skrillex , Luciano and Black Coffee...We are proud to announce the next chapter !

The next Bridges For Music workshop will take place in Langa (Cape Town, South Africa.) In association with Rocking the Daisies , Red Bull Studio Cape TownSAE Institute Cape Town and Black Mango. 

German DJ, producer and label owner Boys Noize aka Alexander Ridha takes up the reins for this session with an up close and personal interview in a very intimate setting at the Tsoga Environmental Centre, (365 Washington Street, just next door to the Police Station). 

After an epic performance at Rocking the Daisies, Alex, who has won Beatport's "Best Electronic Act" for three years in a row, remixed for the likes of Daft Punk, N.E.R.D, Depeche Mode, produced and written for Black Eyed Peas, Kelis, Santigold etc, has a group with Skrillex called Dog Blood and is enjoying success with his track "Got It" featuring Snoop Dog, will talk us through his early years, his current projects as well as offering advice and guidance for aspiring artists, DJ’s and musicians. He’ll also be jumping on the decks for a small demo. 

We are also very happy to host this session with Goldfish , one of the most exported South African artists. They’ll explain to us the workings of taking their music live on stage, as well as talking about their new album that they’ll be launching at ADE later this month.

We can´t wait for a new inspiring gathering in Langa. 
Time : 5pm - 8pm
book your seat by sending an email to
Secure parking available. 
Moderator: Trenton Birch
1 October 2013
Richie Hawtin, Skrillex and Luciano will join Bridges For Music director Valentino Barrioseta for an exclusive talk and screening about the Bridges For Music project at Sónar+D. Taking place on Friday 14 June at 4pm, there will be a short documentary trailer about the project, a discussion about current and future plans for the organization and the three founding ambassadors for Bridges For Music will share their experiences from recent workshops in South Africa.
Bridges for Music is a non-profit organisation supporting responsible development of electronic music in emerging areas. The initiative, which aims to use music as a tool for empowerment in disadvantaged communities, is supported by revered music industry personalities and companies.
Bridges for Music launched its first program in South Africa in February 2013 with project ambassadors and global music legends Richie Hawtin, Skrillex and Luciano. A series of free music events and workshops took place over 2 months in the townships of Soweto (Johannesburg) and Langa (Cape Town). The ambassadors were joined by local DJ icons Black Coffee, Vinny da Vinci and Niskerone amongst others, to talk about the power of music and how to harness its opportunities.
This first successful project aimed to bridge the gap between black and white communities by bringing together people from all backgrounds and offering an inspiring experience with eye opening insights into the genuine opportunities around the electronic music scene in the townships. These “township” areas are infamous legacies of the Apartheid segregation and still represent the day-to-day struggle for the majority of the population in South Africa. In recent years, electronic music, in particular House music, has become an integral part of the culture in these communities, developing into a strong local music scene, which is already being used as a foundation to overcome socio-economic boundaries.
Showing its commitment for the longer term, Bridges For Music is starting a music school support program for selected schools in Soweto and Langa. In the coming year, Bridges for Music will also look to develop further projects in the rest of Africa, South America and Asia.
Richie Hawtin, Skrillex, Luciano and Bridges For Music director Valentino Barrioseta will be present the Bridges For Music talk at Sónar+D on Friday 14 June at 1600h.
About Bridges For Music
Bridges for Music is a non-profit organisation supporting responsible development of electronic music in emerging areas, aiming at using music as a tool for empowerment in disadvantaged communities. The initiative is supported by recognised music industry personalities and companies, offering opportunities and introducing electronic music as a tool for positive change.