Consulting date April 2014
14 April 2014
This is a teaser of a full documentary produced by non-profit organization Bridges For Music tracking the progress of initiatives, that have been carried out in the townships of South Africa with Richie Hawtin, Skrillex, Luciano and Black Coffee
It aims to reflect how the visit of these key music figures has brought discussion, ideas and motivation to these communities.
The ultimate goal is to enhance the real values of music and the opportunities the music industry has to create positive change and leave a legacy while developing in new territories.
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Film by : Eldon Van Aswegen ( )
Music: Enhamin by Damascvs
10 April 2014
These three characters featured in the trailer " MANY STORIES. ONE JOURNEY " , are a great example of how music and arts can drive the youth in underprivileged communities and empower them for a brighter future. 
Siphe Fassie (16 years old) is taking drums and keyboard lessons and is willing to work around arts and culture to empower his community. Dj Fosta, is one of the most respected artists in Langa , the oldest township in Cape Town, and has been deeply involved with Bridges for Music on the ground, helping us out with the events and helping us also to find the right location for the school. Sir Vincent was raised a bit farther out , in Khayelithsa, now the biggest township in Africa. He is known for his enterpneurial spirit, in fact some years ago he started his own dj school there. He now runs a bar and is involved in multiple social projects. He got to attend ADE with Bridges for Music and with the support of the Cape Town Electronic Music festival. 
Here some sets of these three great and talented artists :
8 April 2014
Catch the first installment of our Free Music Business Master Classes hosted by Trenton Birch & Roach Roth at SAE. This installment is titled: Music Industry Overview and will look to unpack the structure and roles of different types of companies operating in the ever changing industry. The Master Class will be hosted on Wednesday 9 April from 6 - 8pm at our new facilities at The Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock. Seat are limited, book your place by sending a mail to with your full name and surname as well as contact details. Knowledge is Power and Ignorance is Bliss. We look forward to hosting you.