Consulting date May 2014
13 May 2014
We are very happy to announce this new scholarship with SAE Institute and the BLACK COFFEE FOUNDATION. 
 This coveted scholarship provides the opportunity for a talented and physically disabled student to study SAE’s renowned Higher Certificate in Sound Production qualification, at their incredible facility in Cape Town’s Woodstock Exchange.   
The launch event will be hosted at SAE’s stellar new campus in the Woodstock Exchange and featured DJ Black Coffee, Ready D, Sideshow, Diloxclusiv with visuals by talented Frank Latter. This unique event attracted a high profile audience from the film, animation and audio industries.   
Few artists understand the challenges of living with a physical disability better than DJ Black Coffee – an award-winning DJ from KwaZulu-Natal. What many may not be aware of is that the genius behind the renowned Black Coffee compositions and performances does not have the use of his left arm. 
Instead of relegating himself to obscurity DJ Black Coffee chose to take his considerable skills to the world – performing on the international circuit and becoming a household name in South Africa. It is this man’s resilience, passion and determination that influenced the development of the DJ Black Coffee Foundation – the spirit of which is to uplift the destitute, physically disabled and poor.
Bridges for Music brings its international credibility and network to this scholarship as a vital addition to its support of the profile of South African electronic music internationally.  
SAE Institute is the largest provider of creative media education in the world; operating more than 50 campuses in 24 countries. This scholarship is further evidence of SAE’s commitment to making a valuable contribution to the South African music industry.   
Through its theme of proactivity, courage and motivation, the event served as a powerful reminder of South Africa’s rich diversity of talent within its music industry. 
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