Consulting date September 2014
9 September 2014

Get Physical goes South African thanks to its newest release by producer Ryan Murgatroyd. We are specially proud that Get Physical and Ryan will donate 10% from this track towards Bridges for Music as a support to his roots.

iKalimba EP, the artist’s first release for the label, is a refreshing fusion of the traditional and the avant-garde. After years of honing skills in the studio, Murgatroyd has found a way to pay homage to the traditional African rhythms he grew up around while still keeping up with the sounds pouring in from the old continent-, a work the producer himself has dubbed “everything I want to hear on a dance floor”. Those who trust that taste, the taste of one of Cape Town’s most established artists, will find the EP fit for an A.M. dance floor revelation. ‘iKalimba’ overflows with warmth thanks to Murgatroyd’s use of woodsy percussions and epic, esoteric inclinations - ‘Shamandrums’ becomes an almost-hypnotizing sermon of the alternative kind while the marimba accents in ‘ikalimba’ are enough to transport to us to sub-Saharan lands.

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