Consulting date October 2017
18 October 2017
For all those cyclist enthusiasts out there (or not as in Ryan Murgatroyd's case) we'd like to invite you to take part in the worlds largest timed race.  Drum roll please...  The Cape Town Cycle Tour (also known as the Cape Argus) which gathers 30,000 cyclists to ride 109km around the Cape Town peninsula, probably the most stunning ride you can find. 
The funds raised will support the Bridges For Music education program, funding scholarships, artist grants and contribute to the first Bridges Music and Entrepreneurship School aimed to empower the youth in South Africa. 
You will be joining 30 people, mainly music lovers, djs, promoters and some other fund folks. Ryan Murgatroyd (Get Physical)  has been the first to join with many more to be added soon.
We know, music industry people aren't the fittest, but we are committed to get everyone up to  a good fitness level to make it to the finish line. 
Expect a proper training program, some welcome dinners and maybe a nice party after we achieved the goal. 
Sign up sending an email to and we will give you all details. 
#ride4education #BFMcyletour
18 October 2017
The music and entrepreneurship academy we are building in the township of Langa (South Africa) is close to completion. The structure has been erected and we are starting to work on the interior. We hope to complete this phase of construction by December 15th to make the space fully operational by beginning of 2018. For more information about future courses and scholarships please sign up here:
We are excited to see the place coming alive from what it one day was just a dream.
Thanks to everyone that has supported the project along the way and has believed in its mission to reshape the community through music, art and education. Special mention to Resident Advisor and everyone that particiapted in the Cycle to ADE to help us raise the kickstart capital for this project. 
17 October 2017
LAST 50 is a charity campaign launched in collaboration with some of the biggest promoters selling out at ADE, so yes, the best parties in town! 
Promoters are selling their last 50 tickets and giving the proceeds to charity, in particular to the educational program that Bridges for Music is developing in South Africa. It's a way to celebrate the success of the event by sharing the love for music with others less fortunate. 
Hyte, The Gardens of Babylon, Thuishaven- Life and Death and Don't Sit On have already confirmed their support to this campaign and surely more will be added soon. 
Don't miss out, there is still a chance to get into some of ADE's sold out events.