9 July 2018
Yes you've read well! We are cycling from Lake Tahoe to Black Rock City on Sunday 26th of August to raise funds for a new age school we are building in the township of Langa in Cape Town (South Africa).
We all talk about how Burning Man changed our lives, now, we want to spread that belief and inspire other communities by providing new age education opportunities for local artists,  inspired by the Burning Man culture and community. The school and its curriculum will have a strong focus on art, music, creative thinking, mindfulness and more importantly human values.  
We are in the last phase of construction and we believe with the help of the Burner community we will reach our goal and open its door by early 2019. 
This cycle is for riders with some level of training, 248km ain't a joke, but its doable if you put some training in. The challenge is lead by Isra Garcia, an ultra-endurance athlete, public speaker and digital media specialist who has also completed the Ride2Afrika Burn challenge and did a triathlon into Burning Man few years ago. He will provide the right training program if you need one and will be available for any doubts. 
Riders have to bring their own bikes to the meeting point in Lake Tahoe. 
The sign up fee will include supplements, support vehicle, drinks, a special welcome at the playa and a special Burning Man Quest Cycle Jersey. 
If you are you up to the challenge and want to make a difference on your way to Burning Man please contact amie@bridgesformusic.org
We will be thrilled to make this happen with you! 
20 March 2018
CURIO, a concept night by BEC, will host a Berlin fundraiser at ipse club on Thursday 12th April 2018 and featuring Dubfire, Alex Niggerman, Themba and Floyd Lavine.
The idea for the fundraiser in Berlin was born when, during a visit to Cape Town last December, BEC was given a guided tour of Langa. The academy’s ethos and vision resonated with her and made her realise the different ways in which electronic music can bea universal language that  breaks down socio-economic boundaries and brings people together. Back home in Berlin, BEC created the event with ipse, including a stellar lineup with Dubfire, Alex Niggemann and Stephan Hinz. The event will not only raise awareness and provide a platform for the message to be shared, but it will also to raise funds for BFM’s new music school.
South African rising star Themba will be travelling from Johannesburg in order to participate in the fundraiser event. Themba recently participated in a workshop led by Dubfire at the Bridges For Music Academy in Cape Town, so the Berlin fundraiser will see them reconnect.
"I'm involved in BFM because I come from a country where "Hope" is our biggest commodity. Hope for a better life and a better tomorrow. I've seen how my music has impacted my life and the life of others and I am confident that with what BFM stands for and wants to achieve, we can give hope to the youth of South Africa and inspire them to take their futures in their own hands.

Dubfire, one of the most renowned and influential names in techno, and ex half of Deep Dish will headline the event right after his last tour in South Africa with Bridges for Music where he participated in a talk with local icon Themba at the BFM academy.  
““This past February I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Langa Township visiting the soon to be unveiled Bridges for Music Academy, which will not only provide an outlet for underprivileged, yet incredibly talented, budding musicians to explore their creativity, but teach the business and entrepreneurial skills necessary to succeed in todays rapidly evolving entertainment industry. As an ambassador for BFM, I will be directly involved with the academy and thrilled to be included in the fundraising event hosted by CURIO in Berlin on April 12 at IPSE. All proceeds will go towards construction costs as well as purchasing the much-needed equipment. Please join me in supporting their worthy cause.” Quote from Dubfire
Stephan Hinz will also play the fundraiser. “Sometimes we think it wouldn’t make a difference if we stop doing this or start doing that. But that’s wrong, it does make a difference and might inspire others to do the same. When I got asked there was no doubt I wanted to be a part of Bridges For Music. It’s both a big pleasure and privilege to help others to achieve their dreams. If I can help just the tiniest bit, it will make a difference.“ - Quote from Stephan Hinz
Alex Niggemann also supports the cause and was more than ready to jump on board. “When I was asked to play the Bridges For Music event alongside Dubfire I immediately said yes. I love the fact that they are helping those less fortunate that us - and it’s especially nice that the event is in my home town so I can encourage my friends to participate in this great cause”
Floyd Lavine and Minco (from his from his concept RISE), along with Binto & Henny will complete the lineup.
18 October 2017
The music and entrepreneurship academy we are building in the township of Langa (South Africa) is close to completion. The structure has been erected and we are starting to work on the interior. We hope to complete this phase of construction by December 15th to make the space fully operational by beginning of 2018. For more information about future courses and scholarships please sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/7UWjU69bkOOJUBQ83
We are excited to see the place coming alive from what it one day was just a dream.
Thanks to everyone that has supported the project along the way and has believed in its mission to reshape the community through music, art and education. Special mention to Resident Advisor and everyone that particiapted in the Cycle to ADE to help us raise the kickstart capital for this project.